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15 things to add to your 2023 bucketlist

Hey friend, today we will share you our 2023 bucketlist. Of course you can pick and add the idea you like. The secret to have a wonderful new year ☀️

1. Go to a big music festival

Because it's one of the best summer activity to do with your friends, join a muscial event to party. You don't have enough budget ? Suscribe as a volunteer, you will have a free entrance and the opportunity to meet new people.

2. Do the Octoberfest in Munich

It's in October and it's a beer festival. It's a big party you have to go at least one time in your life.

3. Get lost in the Barcelona old town

Because it’s a good place to walk, get lost, enjoy the shops and make a stop to a coffee to taste churros and hot chocolate.

4. Go paddle boarding in the baleares

Enjoy the sea, the sun in Spain.

5. Take a walk in Amalfi

Enjoy the Italian coast with the colorful houses. Make a stop to have a fresh orange or lemon juice.

6. Have a beach apero with your friends `

Enjoy your friends and have a beers and some snacks in the beach.

7. Do something crazy

Do something different, something you will be so happy you’ve done.

8. Go snorkeling in Teneriffe

Go see the fish and the turtle in a clear water in Spain. You can do it in winter you will have sun and warm.

9. Eat a real Italian icecream

Try a real and big Italian ice cream while walking on the street and just enjoy life

10. Make new friends

Because life will be sad without friends, try to meet as many new people you can to make this year full of surprise and learning.

11. Make a water fight

With your family, your friends or stranger enjoy the fun and have a simple and amazing moment

12. Watch a sunset

Get up early or plan to go see the sunset at the see the mountain or just from your window. Just enjoy nature.

13. Read under the sun

Enjoy your moment, take your favorite book and have some chill time with yourself

14. Dance under the rain

Be crazy and dance as if nobody were watching under the rain.

15. Make memories

Take a lot of pictures to remember all the great time you had this year.

We wish you a year full of surprise, meetup, happy moment, laughts and memories that will last a life.

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Henri Barraya
Henri Barraya

Am I the only one who have on his bucketlist: To to hitchhike abroad ? 😂

Henri Barraya
Henri Barraya

No way i do to !!!

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