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15 things to know before going on a backpack trip

Hey guys, here's our tips, feedback we though you should know for a backpack trip.

1. You will meet travelers of all ages

Travelers you will met during yours trips can be a lot younger or older. You will make friendship with all kind of people and learn so much mure from them.

2. You will make long lasting friendship

Backpack allows you to meet and share so much with the people you will meet. You will be forever linked by this experience.

3. You will never want to stop it

Once you’re there, you will never want it to stop. Enjoy every moment and travel the more you can.

4. You will have another home country

You will experienced so much that at a moment, you will feel as confortable as home.

5. You will learn to live the moment

Everything is unexpected there, you will not planned everything and learn how to be always in the present.

6. You will learn to pack tight

The first time maybe you will do the mistake of packing to much useless stuff, but trust me you will regret it. A backpack is heavy and it can ruin your days if your not confortable to walk with it.

7. You will make a lot of effort to meet new people every days

Everyday you will meet new people, and the quality of the relationship will depend on the energy you will spend on it. But trust me it’s worthwhile.

8. You will learn how to choose the good friends to travel with

You will learn the friends with whom you have the same view of travel and with whom you know everything will go well. We say that we never know well our friends until we’ve travel with them.

9. You will be alone sometimes and enjoy it

You will have a lot of alone time, but you will learn to enjoy it and make it the best time of your travels. You will become so independent.

10. You will learn to ask

You will learn to go easily with people to ask them everything and not be afraid to ask.

11. You will feet so alive

You will feel so many strong emotions : joy, freedom, sad, blues, love, friendship… that you will feel so alive. Be careful it’s so addictive.

12. You will learn to live and eat like a local

You will learn how to become a local and live like them. As soon as you will be at ease you will act like them.

13. Learning the basic language of the country will help you

Trust me it will help you to communicate and integrate you better on the city.

14. You will adapt to the country safety life

You will learn how to follow your instinct and know the places that are safe or not on every city you will visit.

15. You will have the best time of your life

You will have memories for all your life so make it as long as you can and just go back anytime you can.

Are you still in the backpack travel ? Yes ? Then go live one of the best time of your life. Don't forget to come back to fill us in.

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Henri Barraya
Henri Barraya
05 oct. 2023

I definitly need to learn how to unpack lightly 😂

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