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5 deals to make real savings for your travel

How about today I give you some REAL tips on how to save money on your trip? In this article, we'll give you our best deals to lighten your travel budget. Are you ready to start?

Saving 1:

The most expensive part of a trip is often the accommodation. What if this expense could be eliminated in exchange for 2/3 hours of work per day? With sites like Workaway or Woldpackers, you can get free accommodation (and sometimes food) in exchange for a few hours of your time per day. All you have to do is apply for these offers and pack your bags.

Saving 2:

A second major expense is flights. It is almost impossible to find discounts or coupon codes on airplanes and yet this tip can save you quite a bit on your budget. There are resale sites for assets like Passetonbillet for example. Indeed, when a person cancels his trip for whatever reason, he benefits from a way that he doesn't always use and offers you a reduced price. You can save sometimes up to 40% on your plane ticket! It's also works for train and bus tickets.

Saving 3:

Save on bank fees while you travel. Today many banks offer packages abroad. For 2€ per month at LCL for example, you can withdraw and make all the transactions you want without any fees. These are small fees but during a long trip they really make a difference. So don't forget to ask your bank about it.

Saving 4:

Nothing is more annoying than to remember that you have to pay a travel health insurance to travel and it's so high priced. So just for you we offer a coupon code to save 10% with the code ALOWAA-10 at Heyme Insurance.

Saving 5:

A slightly more obvious one is to find accommodation via the Couchsurfing website, which allows you to find accommodation with a local. It can be scary and yet this is how we meet locals and really get out of our comfort zone. Not feeling it? Look for the youth hostels of the area, it's cool to meet other travelers of the area.

And here are our tips for really saving money while traveling abroad.

Want to meet new people to share your trip with? Download Alowaa, a friendship application for travelers.

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