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5 Tips to go skiing without breaking the bank

We give you here all the tips to go with friends to ski without spending too much money.

Tips 1:

Look for small resorts like the Southern Alps, which are easily accessible and offer great deals. The more accessible the station is, the most money you save in transportation :)

Tips 2:

Use the website la station de ski.

Thanks to this site you will be able to take advantage of a visibility of accommodation + ski pass in the resort of your choice. The big plus is that when you book, if you are under 26 years old you get a huge discount. Thanks to this site it is possible to leave for 50€ all included, crazy no?

Tips 3:

Take your food and alcohol with you. One of the expenses that we tend to forget but that quickly increases our expenses is food and alcohol. So, we prepare our trip by taking the basic ingredients with us. That way you can afford a good raclette on the tracks.

Tips 4:

Take a half day pass. When you go skiing with friends, you often party until late and the next day you sleep in, so paying a day pass is useless. It will divide your costs by two and you will be able to ski in the afternoon rested before partying again in the evening. Smart isn't it ?

Tips 5:

Are you a student? Don't forget to bring your student card, most resorts offer real discounts during your stay. For example, in Chamrousse you can ski at night from 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm with a student rate of only 11,80€.

You have all our tips to make the most of your stay with your friends! Have fun and see you soon on Alowaa!

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