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7 things to check before a trip

In this article, we will share you 7 things to do before leaving for a new country.

1: Vaccine verification

Each country has different regulations regarding vaccines. Remember to check if you are up to date

2: Airport shuttles

As most airports are outside the city, you will need to take a shuttle or taxi to get to the airport. Make sure you check your departure and arrival times beforehand to make sure that the shuttle buses are running at those times. If not, you will have to take a taxi, so consider adding this expense to your budget.

3: Visas

It may sound obvious, but to enter a country you usually need a VISA. Remember to check the duration of the visa before you leave and make sure you do it in advance, as the process can be long. Moreover, be careful with your stopovers, sometimes when you make a stopover in a country you must have a VISA of the country of your stopover even if it is only for a few hours, notably in the USA.

4: Foreign exchange

Don't forget to ask about the local currency in your destination country. Have some local currency ready in case of potential problems on arrival.

5: Telephone and bank account

Pense à vérifier les tarifs d’appels et de sms à l’étranger pour ne pas être bloquer sans téléphone sur place. Si ton forfait ne le permet pas, pense à commander une nouvelle carte sim. Pareil pour ta banque.

6. Insurance policy

Remember to take out insurance whn you travel abroad. Without it, you can end up paying huge sums for even a minor accident.

7. Register your trip on the government website

Each country has a website where you can register your trip. This allows you to be informed in case of a major problem in the country and to be repatriated easily.

That's it your ready to go. Enjoy your trip and see you soon on Alowaa ☀️

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Henri Barraya
Henri Barraya
05 Eki 2023

Anyone have a good bank for france for a 6 month trip ?

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