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9 apps to download before a trip abroad ✈️

Welcome adventurer!

Are you planning to go abroad soon or have you already left and were waiting (desperately) for the list of apps you ABSOLUTELY need to know to make your stay as easy as possible and to be aware of all the good deals? Your wish has been granted, here it is finally!

Visit a city: an application that allows you to understand the whole city in which you will travel (things to see, itineraries, good restaurants...) Today more than 100 cities are referenced, so you will surely find yours in the list! because during a stay abroad, we regularly experience 4g bugs or internet is simply not part of your package, is an application that allows you to find your way and create itineraries without internet... Great, isn't it?

Wifispc: in the same line of "help, I don't have Internet", this application allows you to have access to a list of available networks around you, with passwords constantly updated by users and the best part is that it's completely free!

Hoteltonight: an application that allows you to find a hotel night for the same evening. In case of problems, it can always be useful, and the prices are very attractive!

XE Currency: an application that allows you to calculate exchange rates quickly. Useful to avoid headaches at the beginning of your trip 🤓

SAS Survival Guide: an application for real adventurers, backpackers. Made by a former soldier, the app is full of hundreds of tips on how to deal with "exotic" situations to survive as an adventurer.

Lounge Buddy: Are you on a long layover and desperate for a place to rest or shower? Use the airport lounge, just select the one you want and book. It's very VIP, isn't it?

Where is public toilet: we' re joking, we' re joking, but an emergency is an emergency 🚻 This application, as its name suggests, allows you to find the nearest public toilets. The application is only available on Android so for IOS, you can download Flush which is an equivalent!

Alowaa: Of course, it's the first one to download if you want our opinion 😇 !  An application that allows you to make new friends over a drink, an activity or just by visiting the city with them. The app is completely free and even allows you to create your own event. The app is currently only available in Angers and Paris but we have heard that more cities are coming soon 😏

Here you are my dear adventurer, you now have all the tools to travel in all serenity! Take advantage of your trip to create lots of memories and we hope to meet you soon at an Alowaa event ☀️

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