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Beaches near to Paris

If you are a student, a group of friend, an exchange student, a family or even a circus clown in Paris this will maybe interest you. You always taught about escaping Paris to go to the beach for a little while but don’t really want or can afford to travel far away? We too! So let us give you 5 beautiful beaches around Paris.

1. Deauville (200km from Paris)

Deauville is a well known place in France and is really appreciated by French people. Deauville is really colorful and you will be amazed by it’s port with yachts, luxurious villas ans sho

ps. The 500 meters Long Beach will allow you to find a calm place to stay.

2. Etretat (206km from Paris)

Etretat is one of the most pictured beach landscapes in France. It is located in Normandy and is only 2,5 hours away by car from Paris and 3hours away by bus. They are a lot of activities there like paddling, swimming, fishing, etc. Beside the beach, you can also discover the big amount of green spaces like parcs and gardens. We recommend you the incredibly nice garden « Le jardin d’Etretat »!

3. Dieppe (196km from Paris)

Dieppe is the nearest beach around Paris. It will only take you 2h10 by car to reach Dieppe beach. It is a beautiful stone beach that allows you to see clear into the water. They are also a lot of green spaces and a port you can visit.

4. Cabourg (218km from Paris)

Cabourg is a pretty city. You will need 2h20 to reach it by car or 3h by train. It looks luxurious but is very affordable! They are a lot of villas on the sea side and the beach is 2km long! It’s the perfect town to spend a weekend away from Paris.

5. Paris (0km away)

Yes, there is also a little beach in Paris! From July to September, there is a 4km long beach at the Seine where you can do several activities. It is located in the 19th arrondissement. There is also a few pools, bars and possibilities to play pétanque to give you a good summer flair. So if you can’t afford some train tickets or don’t have a car, you can simply go there in the summer and enjoy!

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