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Expressions to know before coming to Paris

You learned French for such a long time and still don’t understand Parisians. You just can’t follow them with their slang right? Okay here is your little guide of Parisian expressions to help you out a little bit.

  1. « Midi (or another hour) pétante » means that you have to be there on the given hour, not a minute later. If someone tells you that, do not mess with him and just be on time.

  2. « On ne va pas attendre cent-sept ans » (referring to the time it took to build Notre-Dame) means that they don’t want to wait any longer for something or that it takes to much time for them. Remember: Parisians are busy and stressed.

  3. « Entrer à l’oeil » means to go for free into an area where you should pay an entrance.

  4. « Être charrette » means to be late.

Feel free to use it yourself now to impress the Parisians and feel more like one of them.

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