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How to create an Alowaa event

You are traveling and you would like to share your stay with new people but Alowaa is not present in your city or none of the proposed events correspond to you. No problem you can create your own event on the application.

Follow this guide to maximize your chances to organize a great event:

1. Download the Alowaa application and create a free account

On the application you can see all the events and travelers around you. If you want you can contact travelers to organize the event with them, otherwise don't worry it's very easy and fast.

2. Click on the + tab of the application and fill in the different fields

It is important in this part to make other travelers want to join your event.

If you add a nice description you will have more chance to attract travelers.

3. Add a picture

The photo is the first element that travelers will see on your event, so it's very important to choose it well.

Choose a good quality photo with pixels that are related to your activity. You will see that it will boost your event

4. Once your event is created, be active in the group chat

As soon as a new person joins your event, he/she will be added in a group chat to organize the event together (meeting place, what to bring...). The more you will be reactive to messages and welcomes, the more travelers will be eager to meet you and attend your event

5. Have fun

The most important thing is that during your event you have fun, meet new people and create many memories.

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