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10 places you must see in Barcelona

Today we're going to tell you all our favorite places in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

1. Guell Park

Guell Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Barcelona. It is a park with free entrance and is worth a visit.

The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the works of the famous Antonio Gaudí. The average visit to the park lasts about an hour and a half.

The view of Barcelona is incredible and the park is sumptuous.

2. Tapas at Carrer Blai

Walk down the street Carrer Blai and let yourself be tempted by delicious pinchos.

There, it's a buffet, you have to go to the counter and let yourself be tempted by delicious tapas. Be careful to keep your pinchos, because the waiters know how many you have eaten.

3. Carmel's Bunkers

This is one of the most beautiful views of Barcelona. It is a former military base that was used to protect the city during the civil war. It is the perfect place to have a drink with friends and admire the view for a sunset.

4. Ciutadella Park

A great park to see in the center of Barcelona.

Often animated by music, it's a perfect place to take a walk, read a book or meet friends. The zoo of Barcelona is located inside, do not hesitate to visit it.

5. The Born district

The best area to go out with friends for a drink, while entering the local area of Barcelona. Great atmosphere all night long. Go to the Antic Theater, to have a drink in the open air. Atmosphere guaranteed.

6. Sagrada Familia

I couldn't do this article without telling you to visit the Sagrada Familia. It is a beautiful catalan basilica and an emblem of the city. The entrance is not free and a reservation is necessary but the visit is worth it.

7. Casa Batllo

A beautiful building designed by the architect Antonio Gaudi. It is open to the public and is part of the UNESCO heritage. Located on the avenue Passeig de Gracia, you can not miss it.

8. The Labyrinth of Horta

The Horta Labyrinth is a magical park that is little known to tourists. It is the oldest park in Barcelona and a place used for many film shoots and advertisements. In this 9 hectare park, go through the labyrinth and try to find the statue of Eros.

9. La Cala Banys in Lloret del Mar

Escape from the big beach of Barcelona and go for a picnic on the coves of Lloret del Mar. Accessible by bus, you can relax in the clear waters of beautiful coves and swim with beautiful fish.

10. Montjuic

Come and lose yourself in the Montjuic mountains, visit the beautiful parks, swim in a pool with a breathtaking view of Barcelona or get lost in the Spanish Poble.

You can also come and contemplate the large illuminated fountains from 8pm onwards.

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