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We realized that it was difficult to meet new people during our different trips (there are only dating apps to meet new people). We really wanted to promote friendly meetings. So we have created Alowaa.

With Alowaa, we want to create a real community of travelers who can easily meet each other, without any worries, around great local activities at low prices. We really want this application to be a win-win for all users and make your travels easier.




Happy International School certificate Chief

Alowaa app Chief

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Here we would like to thank all the people who have directly or indirectly helped and supported us in this project. It is thanks to you that we are here today! A big thank you! We'll make it up to you, we promise!


A standing ovation for Maxime Beneteau, the app's developer without whom Alowaa would not exist today. An outstanding developer, perfectionist and a member of the team! Thank you very much, you are the best!

A huge thank you to the whole family, for supporting us from the beginning of this project and for helping us to overcome the first difficulties. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 


A special thanks to Daphnée Dangoisse, our biggest ambassador that come to every meetups and make events even greater.

A big tank you to all the friends that helps us with sharing and visibility on the social media. You're the best !!!

A big thank you to the mega hunk, Mathieu Blouin, who helped us enormously in this project as much in his communication, as by his presence and all his advice. Thank you so much Mathieu! You are our water bottle in the desert! 


A huge thank you to the ICES who supported us from the beginning of the project! Whether by giving us contacts, helping us financially, or giving us visibility through all your communication actions. A huge thank you, you have been a major actor in the success of our fundraising and in the development of Alowaa.

Thank you to all our donors, all those who helped us succeed in our first fundraiser. Thank you for your tremendous generosity and welcome to all of you to the Alowaa family.

Thank you to Patrick, Jeanne and Florence Grassin, Ambroise Cail, Julien Chambaud, Aurélien Cesbron Lavau, Mathieu and Véronique Blouin, Albane, Mathilde, Anouchka and Nicolas Faucheux, Maylis Roche, to Victor Martin, Alicia Barrondas, Louis, Mathilde, Thomas and Fabienne Capus, Bernadette Barraya, Albane Justeau, Aubin Tricot, The Fernandez family (It's madness, we still can't get over it), Mathilde Dunaye, Dangoisse family, Mona Bain, Sophie, Franck, Félix, Hugo, Aude, Diane and Noé Celard, Jill Belle, François Barraya, Hélène Barrier, Eloi Bénard, Louis Savreux (x5), Anne-Gaelle Pradier, Inès and Laura Line Violin, Mailys Berthelot, Jean-Eude Ruel, Cléa Moinard, Rémi Richa, Maryline Levasseur Jeanne Pierson, Guillaume Saulou, Francine and Claude Celard, Manon Larose, Tête de lard, Capucine and Famille Garbolino, Delphine Gautier, François Douillard, Alain, Lewis Bgr, Marin Repaire, Astrid Chevalier, Olivier Malard, Sophie Crach, Louis Barraya, Perrine Barraya, Famille Chevalier, Sandrine, Nathan Boccara, Annaelle Wafai, Justine Alaime, Tugdual de Changy, Isaure d'Ussel, Capucine Bouy, Econe, Armand Grandjouan, Emilie Zion, Valérie Brière, Charline Vanbiervliet (always in excess), Marie Pitavy, Nadège (the almost 100th donor), Louis-Marie, Maxime (the best developer), Mélanie, Sylvain and Soline Beneteau, Léonard Labarthe, Philippine de Valence, Christelle Planté, Quentin Agnola, Marine Da Silva, Joséphine Vennin, Illan Tsouria (we owe you a big one), Albane Barriet, Nathan Lebrun, Sabine Desvaux, Alexandre Mano, Famille Surer, Medhi Benbouali, Emmanuel Saulou, Isole Devalière, Correntin Garreau, Astrid Seiliez, Erwan Legiec, Thérèse Sérèz, Pierre Senez, Juliette Ballu, Léopold Lepeyrefitte, Théo Legiec, Zoé Chalet, Gilles Lorimier, Matthieu Lagarde, Simon Gourhand, Hayate Adame, Hugues and Florence Vanbiervliet and Audrey Rulence. 


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