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How to choose the best university to study in Europe

What are the criteria for choosing an international university? How can I be sure of the quality of teaching at a university? Which are the best schools for international students? We did some research for you and here is a summary of all the answers!

  1. Certificates and Labels

If there is one thing that does not lie, it is certificates. A certificate is a proof that the school is recognized for its good quality of teaching, integration and opportunity creation. So which certificates should you look for?

The Happy International School is a certificate that proves that international students are well integrated and particularly happy in the school/university. This certificate attests to the school's efforts in terms of the living environment, the dynamism of the community life, the opportunities offered and the support given to each student during their stay.

If your school has been awarded this certificate you can be sure that you will be well looked after, that you will have all the opportunities to integrate, to meet people, and to experience your best semester abroad.

The aim of this qualification is to highlight the richness of the teaching of certain higher education institutions under contract with the State. The EESPIG qualification attests to the quality of the diplomas and their authenticity.

This qualification can take several forms:

2. Find out about the school's community life

The second important thing when choosing a university is to find out about the school's community life. When you arrive there, you will not have your own habits and you will not know anyone. So it is important to make sure that the school's student life is dynamic and that you will be offered several integration opportunities.

The best way to find out more about student life is to look for their BDE on instagram. There you can find out what activities they usually organise, how often they post or even if they organise special international student events.

3. Gather feedback from previous international students

Try to find reviews from students who have studied there! It is important for you to get as much information about the school as possible. And it will be with former students that you will find all this information about the real atmosphere, the courses, the associations,... To find these opinions, there are several ways:

- Look on the internet, you can find videos of students presenting their semester abroad or you can consult forums.

- Ask your school about students who have gone to that destination.

- Search the school's website. Sometimes some schools will put forward student experiences, student projects or even let some students speak about their feelings. However, these comments should be treated with caution as they have been selected by the school.

4. School rankings

National or regional rankings of colleges or universities can also help you. Many newspapers produce such rankings according to different dominant criteria. You are free to choose the one that speaks you the most!

However, we advise you to consult several different rankings to make sure that the figures are reliable.

5. Choose the city where you see yourself best

A school may offer a complete and prestigious education, but without a good environment you will not feel fulfilled. Many students choose to go to university and find that the city is too isolated and there are too few activities to choose from.

Study semesters are rare, you should take advantage of them to experience the culture of another country, go out, meet locals and see new sights.

Find a medium or large student city where you are sure to find activities. You can also choose a city for its cultural interest, monuments, museums or natural parks!

We will never stop saying it, in a semester abroad the important thing is to feel comfortable in your new environment and with the people you will meet! Now you have all the tools to make the right choice!


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